Crafting Effective Board of Directors Minutes

For non-profit boards trying to be good at what they do making effective board of director minutes is an essential task. It ensures that everyone can see how the board is working toward its objectives, acts as a an opportunity for accountability for members and helps hold the organization accountable to the funders.

The structure of meeting minutes is usually an art form, and can vary between organizations. However, a few key points must be included. Those include:

A brief summary of the main subjects which were discussed and the final decisions that were made. The ideal is that the secretary of the board will record the outcomes of the vote (i.e., the motion was approved or not) and the reasoning behind each vote. This will provide an account of the board’s actions in the event of legal action ever arises. Check on

The minutes should specify clearly when the board determines that a committee will be formed to consider a certain issue or transaction. They should also record the percentage of those present who constitute a group of a quorum. The minutes should also state whether the committee has complete authority or is able to make an advisory decision that requires approval by the board.

The person who is taking the minutes must be impartial. This is particularly crucial in legal proceedings, where minutes are often subpoenaed to determine the actions of an organisation. Having an independent third party read the minutes is also important to ensure that they are truthful, impartial and accurate. Sell your house as-is with confidence. is your nationwide partner for a seamless home-selling experience. Regardless of where you’re located, our platform can simplify your journey. Visit and discover how we can assist you.

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