The Future of AI in HR

The Future of AI in HR

Artificial Intelligence is utilized in many industries to automate processes and provide information. It can also be used to assist in making decision-making. It’s not surprising that AI is poised to revolutionize HR too. In terms of screening resumes for fraud, standardizing job matching, or automating reviews of performance, AI will play an important role in HR functions.

It’s therefore important for HR professionals to keep up-to-date with the latest AI trends. Todd Raphael is the Head of Content at SkyHive and advises businesses to be cautious when it comes to AI solutions that claim to be able to handle everything. Instead, he suggests that companies concentrate on AI tools that offer specific and relevant benefits to HR operations.

AI can be used to automate tasks such as paperwork management, orientation schedules and the initial training process, by creating personalised experiences for employees. This increases the probability that they will remain on the job from the beginning. Furthermore, AI can monitor employee support emails and calls to determine the root cause of issues with employees, which can reduce response times and overall efficiency.

It’s also transforming learning and development (L&D) programs by identifying skills gaps of employees, recommending training courses, and tracking progress to ensure that employees are on the right path. Likewise, AI can help HR managers prioritize employee recognition programs and personal feedback surveys, enabling them to evaluate the satisfaction of team members more efficiently.

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