Overland Park: Kansas City’s Largest Suburb is an intimate Destination Brimming With exterior strategies, Great Food & lifestyle

The Short type: a quick, 15-minute drive from Kansas City gives one to Overland Park, one of the largest metropolises in heartland USA, featuring nearly 200,000 residents. With a thriving cafe scene (led by award-winning barbeque!), classic movie theaters, modern-day artwork galleries, lush landscapes, and unique annual events, Overland Park is the best intimate destination for lovers. As Collin younger, Digital promotional Manager for Visit Overland Park, told all of us, the city could have cultivated tremendously, nevertheless still maintains the small-town feel. At Overland Park, daters can go through the allure and inviting community for which the Midwest is actually popular while enjoying the exhilaration that accompany a captivating the downtown area and modern cultural world.


From dozens of trendy specialty shops and backyard escapades wet in nature to informal cafés and deluxe eating spots, Overland Park is the ideal destination to check out for a romantic pair’s holiday. The metropolis boasts a brief history more than a century-old beginning when, in 1905, railway entrepreneur William B. Strang Jr. platted subdivisions along a Kansas armed forces highway, naming one among them Overland Park.

William’s sight was to create a park-like community that embodied powerful business, top quality education, radiant communities, convenient transport, and accommodating leisurely services. Overland Park ended up being formally included in 1960 features since developed into a first-class city with a lively the downtown area and plenty of fantastic tasks for residents and site visitors as well.

“there are many energy in the town and pride from the residents,” mentioned Collin Young, browse Overland Park’s online advertising Manager. “in place of gonna Kansas City for things to do, that used is happening, men and women are staying here. We are truly needs to grow. It’s a very good for you personally to become a part of Overland Park.”

Site visitors from around the world tend to be recognizing this and. The metropolis brings together the inviting area and traditional charm for which the Midwest is actually well-known with a captivating downtown and flourishing social scene that make for fun, date-friendly adventures.

Get outdoors With Bond-Building escapades for character Lovers

The natural beauty with the Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, along with its over 300 miles featuring 13 home gardens and 1,700 types of flowers, makes it the ideal location for a first time or getaway stroll along with your lover. The park provides tracks that traverse rocky bluffs and bottomland paths and year-round fauna, such as birds, dragonflies, deer, and other wildlife.

“It really is like a big town playground with trees, blossoms, strolling pathways, and tracks,” Collin said. “It really is a nature getaway that is especially wonderful during the warmer months when you can get external and just have a picnic or just go with a walk. If you’re searching for a truly energetic big date, we have some good bike trails through the town.”

The Indian Creek Hike and cycle path is practically 17 kilometers very long with a 10-mile portion in Overland Park that begins at Foxhill Southern Park and employs Indian Creek south and west to woodland Creek Park. The walk is normally amount and level which includes high quality in several quick parts.

Another spot within the area excellent for activities is Deer Creek Golf Club. This 18-hole title training course extends through densely wooded locations and delivers wandering creeks into play. Recognized for its charm and obstacle, Deer Creek normally one of many region’s leading marriage destinations with breathtaking panoramic opinions in the golf course from Sunset Room and Seasons Room or opinions from the pond from Lakeview area.

Award-Winning barbeque & Some other Eclectic Eats for any best Date

From off-the-beaten road eateries to upscale dinner solutions, Overland Park’s variety of modern cafés, bistros, and pubs suggests your mate wouldn’t run out of spots to savor the most perfect time.

“the cafe scene keeps growing,” Collin stated. “From steakhouses to BBQ, we lots of longtime favorites and brand new cooking creations available.”

Correct to the Midwest roots, Overland Park’s BBQ scene is actually virtually unrivaled. Among town’s legendary eateries could be the popular Jack Stack Barbecue.

“It is among the best locations in the city,” Collin mentioned. “They’ve got an area in Kansas City nowadays one out of Overland Park. Its award-winning barbecue which is claimed awards. It is a great bistro that you’d definitely need visit for a date.”

Another leading spot is the Doughnut Lounge on Santa Fe drive-in the the downtown area location. This locally possessed artisan doughnut, coffee, and cocktail lounge is actually a favorite because of the locals. You shouldn’t keep area without while using the cherry-pie Doughnut filled with black walnut and cherry compote and topped with cream cheese icing and a caramel drizzle.

Different significant breakfast stops include Pilgrim Coffee and McLain’s marketplace, including lunch and dinner locales such Louie’s Wine Dive (order a wine board!), Ricco’s Italian Bistro, as well as the Brass Onion’s low country fare-inspired comfort meals.

Diverse Arts & Cultural spots to Create Lasting Memories

You could go to Overland Park lots of occasions rather than run out of activities to do or spots commit. The metropolis’s thriving arts and culture scene means that you will have numerous possibilities to make enduring thoughts with your spouse.

“There is a delightful complimentary contemporary artwork museum here which is a portion of the Johnson County Community college or university,” Collin stated on the Nerman Museum of modern Art on college or university Boulevard. “It’s free to anybody who really wants to visit possesses displays and touring displays as well as a permanent collection with nearly 400 pieces of art.”

Another must-visit location in Overland Park will be the New Theatre Restaurant, a nationwide applauded supper theater that has been pleasant Broadway-style musicals and comedies for more than 25 conditions.

“They’ve got traveling plays and musicals come through each month roughly,” Collin stated. “It is a great destination to see live movie theater.”

Perchance you choose an intimate getaway at night. Overland Park features two vintage-style separate concert halls such as Rio Theatre on western 80th Street and Glenwood Arts Theatre on western 95th Street. The theaters also host exclusive features and therefore are the home of the yearly Latin-American movie Festival and Kansas Global movie Festival.

“The Johnson County Community university has a movie theater to their university that sets in some community activities,” Collin said on the Carlsen Center Polsky Theatre and Yardley Hall. “They generate larger symphonies and musical acts which are favored by natives and people to the location.”

Whether It’s Brews, musical, or dance, Overland Park Delivers

Whether you are in the vacation period of connection or happen with each other for a long time, Overland Park delivers in relation to an enchanting couple’s location filled up with from neighborhood brews to live on songs and dancing. Browse the town’s annual celebrations, like the Overland Park trip Festival.

“The autumn will be the biggest time for different occasions in our urban area,” Collin said. “The organic Brewfest takes place at Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. A lot of the neighborhood breweries and distilleries get together for daily along with up camping tents while men and women circumambulate attempting various beer and spirits.”

Another well-known event is actually Stems: A Garden Soiree in the Botanical Gardens, an annual fundraiser with art, music, fireworks, food and drink that to supports the landscapes and area art installations. It really is promoted as a “not-to-be-forgotten night out” and conducted within peak of summertime charm, very be sure to include this happening towards must-do number whenever making plans for your Overland Park getaway.

The city that started utilizing the railroad is actually today an active city throughout the outskirts of Kansas City that brims with backyard activities, meals, culture, and a brilliant future.

“We’re witnessing a revival of places like downtown,” Collin stated. “we’ve got several jobs in the works when it comes down to area including an expansion of your enjoyment district within the next four years. We are seeking make this a spot where individuals will come to area for huge events and spend some time walking on downtown before going to dinner and their hotel. It really is a fantastic time to be an integral part of Overland Park.”